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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Spirit Gate

Elliott, Kate. Spirit Gate: Book One of Crossroads. Love it! I can't wait for the next one. One of those books that when you put it down for a moment (and a moment is about all you can stand to put it down), you wonder how the author could create such intricate settings, plots, characters, history and keep track of it all. The best fantasy saga I've read in years, full of high adventure and characters who keep developing.

Part Three introduces my favorite characters, but when Joss from Part One appears and the stories mesh, it gets even better.

I didn't want it to end, but of course, I couldn't slow myself down. The good part is that there will be more; the bad part is that I will have to wait for them.

My favorite fiction so far this year.

Fiction. Fantasy. 2006. 445 pages.


  1. Sounds great! I Guess this is another one being added to my wishlist :)

  2. You can see what's happening, can't you? I usually read 6-8 fantasies a year. With this challenge I want to read just about everything everybody else is reading. Maybe that's not such a bad thing - I'll just have to read longer and faster, won't I?

    Spirit Gate sounds like a must read.

  3. Chris - I think you'd like it!

    Cheya - I know what you mean, my fantasy list is growing by leaps and bounds!

  4. I tried an earlier book by Kate Elliott and couldn't get into it. I will try again with this because I'm always looking for new fantasy writiers.

  5. Uh-oh, looks like another addition to my sprawling wishlist!

    Glad your second challenge book went better than the first!

    I like that cover...

  6. Ann - I read a review in which the reader was disappointed in earlier works and surprised at how much she enjoyed Spirit Gate. Since I was planning to get some of Elliott's other books, this remark made me wonder. However, since I liked SG so much, I will be trying some of her others.

    Quixotic - Yes, the second was much better!

  7. Glad to see a review of this. It is a book I've looked at many times because of the cover art...M. Kaluta I believe. Glad to hear it is so good.

  8. I do love fantasy. I think this will be added to the list.

  9. I echo booklogged's words... here's an author and a book I had never heard of before, and now I shall be adding it to my ever-increasing "to read" list.