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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas pics

I'm catching up, slowly, with reviews. I only have 4 more reviews to go at present, but I have a number of books in progress, so ...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that like me, you are fat and happy. I am, however, beginning to wonder what to do about those extra pounds that November and December have piled on.

Christmas pictures...

Amelia, the new mom, and baby Bryce
Amelia and Chris

Eric and Max
The most fun was delivered by the latex gloves I keep in the kitchen for washing dishes or doing dirty chores. Mila thought they were wonderful and the kids played with them for the longest time.

Cousins - Mila, Matthew, Maggie, and down in the corner, Max (Baby Bryce stopped the run of "M's" that had been going established)
Hopefully, I'll get one more review done this afternoon, but now I'm off on errands, etc. for the next few hours.


  1. What a beautiful family, congratulations!!!

  2. Carl - Thanks! It is lovely to see everyone all together, and I hate to see Erin, Eric, Mila, and Max return to Baton Rouge.

  3. What lovely photos of your family! I'm glad that you had a good holiday with them.

  4. Ladytink - Thanks!

    Kate S. - Thanks, Kate. We had a very good holiday!

  5. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun! Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I'm looking forward to more of your reviews. I'm so behind on mine - eek! :)

  6. Iliana - "'Tis the Season" in which everything else takes a back seat. Hard to keep up with all that needs to be done in December, isn't it?