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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Pandora Prescription

Sheridan, James. The Pandora Prescription.

6 word synopsis: Paranoid conspiracy theories. Science mumbo-jumbo.

Lots of misdirection and sudden changes in direction. The chase would have been better if the premise had been more realistic. Interesting comments about the Kennedy assassination. Goofy/bright/vulnerable protagonist, but even he never quite materializes as an integrated personality, more like a composite of parts.

Fiction. Suspense/mystery/thriller. 2007. 414 pages.


  1. I gotta tell you. I love the 6 word synopsis!!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! They are fun to do.

  3. I agree with Stephanie. The 6 word synopsis always makes me smile. :)

    Another book that makes some interesting comments about the Kennedy assassination is Conspirator's Odyssey by A.K. Kuykendall. It's definitely got lots of conspiracy theory, as well as a solid historical background through which to weave it.

  4. Ruth - I enjoy conspiracy theories that are well done. This one was not, but I'll check out Conspirator's Odyssey. Thanks.

  5. I heard that The Pandora Prescription has the clues to finding $50,000 dollars worth of buried gold- has anyone been able to figure these out yet?

  6. yeah, heres the youtube link to the 50,000 dollar gold thing: