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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bad Luck and Trouble

Child, Lee.  Bad Luck and Trouble.

:)  Another Jack Reacher novel.  When Frances Neagley wants to contact Reacher, she uses a deposit to his bank account, since Reacher is a nomad with no permanent address.  The amount of the deposit signals a kind of SOS used by his former team of investigators.

Neagley tells Reacher about the death of one of their former team members, and that she is unable to get in contact with other members of the team.  The two of them continue trying to contact their old friends, discovering along the way, that other team members appear to have disappeared.  Finally, reuniting with two more old colleagues, Reacher and  what remains of his old team begin trying to figure out who killed Franz and why, and what has happened to the other two missing friends.

The action is exciting and  suspenseful, from beginning to end!  Highly entertaining action thriller.

Fiction.  Suspense/Action thriller.  2007.  377 pages.


  1. I was given this book a few years ago at the Author's Luncheon in Arizona. I didn't think the book was my type and then I heard Lee Child speak at the luncheon and he was funny. And coupled with his gorgeous British accent I was sold. The story was fast paced and surprisingly interesting. I agree with you, "highly entertaining."

    It's good to try new reading genres. Now I just need to find a good science fiction story.

  2. Kim - I've only found Lee Child recently, but I've enjoyed every one of the 3 books I've read.

    Nice to know that he is funny in person!