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Friday, February 19, 2010

Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars

Lovejoy, Sharon.  Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars.

I love this book.  It is, indeed, a grandma's bag of tricks, but more than that, it invites grandma to participate in the magical realm of play, make-believe, and learning in which children can so easily immerse themselves.

The pictures and drawings are gorgeous, the ideas are fun and entertaining.  In our old house, I had a floor to ceiling bookcase with toys and books for the grandkids, now I have a closet.  The old doll trunk I bought at a flea market years ago entertained my children when they were young and now, stuffed with old Barbies, can still entertain Mila for hours.  Lots of books and Leggos and some stuffed animals...

Sharon Lovejoy, however, has helped me see a wider perspective with her joyful approach to entertaining kids.  I've been through the books several times now, but I find something new each time.  When I go to Walmart, I try to pick up a new game each time.  Nothing expensive, I just look for things I enjoyed when I was small and then with my own kids.  A pack of Old Maid cards -- $1.97.  Chutes and Ladders -- less than $7.00.

Can't wait for my next visit to JoAnn's because a couple of yards of shimmery, glittery, and shiny materials are my next proposed purchases.   And soon it will be Spring!  Gardening and materials for fairy landscapes!  Oh, and the cooking section...well, I may have to try that by myself just because some of the recipes sound so good.

Here is a link that lets you turn the pages and look at the lovely pictures and illustrations!

How did I discover this book?  Sharon commented on one of my reviews, and I visited her blog and discovered that she was an author.  Since I'm always interested in gardening and grandchildren, I ordered one one of her books and have been delighted!  :)

Nonfiction.  Kids, Craft, Imagination.  2010.  205 pages.


  1. I have one of Lovejoy's books on my wishlist but can't remember if it is this one. They all look like so much fun.

  2. I love the title alone of this book and since I'm a Grandma too, I'm thinking I need this one!

  3. As an auntie, I must track down a copy of this book! Thank you for the wonderful review.

  4. Framed - All of her books look good! I'll have to choose a new title to order soon.

    Bybee - It really is a fun read, full of inspiration!

    Paula - Oh, if you are a Grandma, you will definitely get a lot of joy from this book. Even anticipating the next visit becomes more fun.

    Stacey - One of the links above lets you order a signed copy. I wish I'd done that for this one, and I certainly will for the next one I order.

  5. Thank you dear and thank you for the kind responses from your faithful followers.

    I always love dipping into your posts and was thrilled to see your review of my new book.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. Susan Branch and I had an event yesterday, which I'll post tomorrow. Also took an all day cooking class from Edward Espe Brown (Greens and Tassajara Cookbook)

  6. The book looks lovely. The page about making a hideout especially brought back memories - we moved around a lot when my kids were small, and I used to make them houses out of big boxes, just like that!

  7. Sharon - Toad Cottages is a lovely book with hours of pleasure involved in reading, looking at photos, and preparing for grandchildren!

    Katherine - I felt the same way. All those memories refreshed and enjoyed again!