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Friday, February 05, 2010

I Pledge...

Because blogs are not long enough....


Elizabeth Dye is a designer who creates "handmade and independently designed wedding and party dresses."

She has a shop, The English Dept. in Portland, an Etsy Shop, and a blog where you can see her creations.

This filmy, romantic dream of a dress is called Persuasion.  Jane Austen would have loved it.

Anyway, Elizabeth's blog is where I found the above pledge to read the printed word.  No problem there for any of you! 

I have 2 books to review and 3 in progress, but I've been so busy lately that reading has taken a bit of a side line.

Another peek at my upstairs  quilting and yoga studio and more of my favorite things.  The doll belonged to my grandmother and is missing one leg and one hand, but then she is over 100 years old and was evidently played with frequently.  The woven pine basket was made by my other grandmother's twin sister, my great Aunt Mat.  My nieces and SIL brought me the little lady with the Louisa May Alcott quote when they returned from a New York trip a few years ago.  It makes me smile each time I see it.


  1. Beautiful dress. And what wonderful treasures you have!

  2. Stefanie - I love that "The English Department" has such a literary bent (and beautiful, romantic dresses)!