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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I've finished The Body Has a Mind of Its Own and Tracy Chevalier's Remarkable Creatures and loved them both.

I'm almost finished with Satchel:  The Life and Times of an American Legend (good, but long, I've been on this one for over a week).  On the other hand, I found it difficult to put Remarkable Creatures down--which kind of cut into the time on Satchel.
  The reason I picked up this new biography of Satchel Paige is because I've always loved the following poem honoring the iconic pitcher:

To Satch

Sometimes I feel like I will NEVER stop
Just go on forever
'Til one fine mornin'
I'm gonna reach up and grab me a handfulla stars
Swing out my long lean leg
And whip three hot strikes burnin' down the heavens
And look over at God and say
How about that!

Samuel Allen (Paul Vesey) 

Satch began his career in 1926 and ended it in 1966, over 40 years of ball.  His statistics are just short of miraculous. 

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