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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face by Jack Prelutsky

 I had Bryce Eleanor for 6 days, from Thursday night until Wednesday afternoon.  It was great fun, and we played and read.  The last few days, however, she developed a summer cold and went through the tissues like mad. 
It didn't bother her most of the time, and she was cheerful and playful in spite of it.  

I'd ordered 3 poetry books by Jack Prelutsky to have on hand for the grandkids.  Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face is the one I got down for this visit, and we both enjoyed it thoroughly.  

Both Prelutsky and B.E. have a thing about spaghetti, so poems that featured spaghetti were favorites. 

I like that Prelutsky uses big words frequently; his poems are written for children, but they are certainly not condescending.

 Of course, this one says it is perfect for ages 7-11, and B.E. is only three.  Nevertheless the charming illustrations and rhymes kept her fascinated whether she understood everything or not.

The marvelous illustrations are by Brandon Dorman  and go well with Prelutsky's funny and fanciful words.  In 2006, Prelutsky became the nation's first Children's Poet Laureate, a well-deserved honor.

After Amelia and Chris returned from New Hampshire and Boston and picked up their happy daughter (bringing at least a half dozen new books), I settled in to a quiet house again.

But by Thursday night, I realized that I'd contracted B.E.'s cold.  She was so sweet and cheerful.  I was a miserable, grumpy, whining, self-pitying mess.  By Saturday, I couldn't even read to comfort myself.  Just whine, take meds, and try to sleep.  This morning, I've decided to live.  

And I'm going to catch up reviews.  Yes.


  1. She's such a cutie, even if she did pass on her cold to you :)

    Feel better! I'm sure you'll have your reviews up before you know it. I on the other hand, have no excuse as to why I can't write my reviews :)

  2. Jenclair, she is such a sweet child! I know you guys had such a good time. I love Jack Prelutsky's books. They were great favorites here and I look forward to sharing with grandchildren when that time comes (none on the way or anything, but...).

    Sorry about the cold. Those make me a grumpy mess too. Take care of yourself!

  3. Iliana - :) She's a charmer and knows just how to work her grandma. I'm so glad that the cold didn't affect her the way it did me. And that I didn't feel bad until after she'd gone home!

    I'm busy scheduling reviews now, but like you, I'd much rather read or craft than write the reviews.

    Kay - Jack Prelutsky must be quite a character! I'd love to have a look into his thought patterns because he comes up with such great stuff!

    Can't wait to read the poems with Mila and Max, the other grands!