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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jo Bannister's Brodie Farrell Series

I read several Jo Bannister novels several years ago and enjoyed them. 

I read Breaking Faith, Reflections, The Depths of Solitude, Echoes of Lies, True Witness (the first five in the Brodie Farrell series) and The Primrose Convention and Fathers and Sins, which were stand-alones.

Recently, I read a review of Flawed by Reading Fueled by Tea, and decided to check to see if the library had anything new to offer.  They did, but I decided to re-read a couple because it had been so long since I've involved myself with Brodie, Daniel, and Jack Deacon.  After all, I started reading them in Feb. of 2006 and that was 5 years and over 600 books ago.

I re-read The Depths of Solitude and Echoes of Lies...and enjoyed them every bit as much as the first time!

I really think the novels belong to Daniel Hood.  Brodie is the pivotal character, but Daniel is the one who makes the series work for me.  Oh, I like Brodie Farrell and Jack Deacon fine (and Marta and Charlie Voss, of course), but Daniel is unique.
I've also recently read Devoured, a new series by D.E. Meredith, that I really enjoyed.  I'll be reviewing it next, I think.  Don't like the title, but the cover convinced me to take another look.  A Victorian mystery

Oh, and finally got a copy of The Weird Sisters.  I liked it, too.  Hard not to like sisters named for Shakespeare's heroines, who frequently insert lines from the Bard in their conversation.  This is the one Edgar preferred when he knocked books out of my bag so he could curl up inside.
Speak of the devil, he is asleep beside me and not trying to walk on the computer, answer the phone, knock off papers or books, or bat any loose cords around.  I put a small quilt up here with hopes that would keep him from distracting me.  Sometimes it works.

And I read Rogue Island, too.  So have that review to write and schedule.


  1. I don't think I ever read Jo Bannister's books. I know I've seen the name or shelved some of the books or whatnot.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think about ROGUE ISLAND.

  2. Kay - I think you'd like them. Great characters in the Brodie Farrell series. I think she has another series, too, but I haven't read any.

    I'll review Rogue Island soon, but it was a bit to pseudo-film noir for me.

  3. I love Edgar! He looks just like my Homer who sits across my desk all day long!

  4. I hadn't heard of this series and will put it on the wish list. Cute cat photo.