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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

Redbreast  I want to read The Snowman by Nesbo, but decided to try some of his earlier novels featuring Harry Hole first.  I decided to begin with
The Redbreast.

The novel jumped around a lot, from the present, to WWII, and back to the present.  It wasn't exactly difficult to follow, but it was...annoying?  The parts in the past were less interesting and often a bit tedious.  There was a lot of misdirection, and the plot that involved the past became a little too unbelievable.

But wait.  I did enjoy the novel.  Harry Hole was engaging in spite of his alcoholism and surliness.  The subplot is what really held my interest, and it is the subplot that will be continued in the next novel.

The history concerning the German occupation of Norway, the Norwegians who voluntarily joined the German army, and the occasional reference to the Quisling government collaboration with the Nazis piqued my interest in this area.  I've not read much about the war as far as Norway was concerned, although I was aware there were a good many Nazi sympathizers (and/or those who feared Stalin more).

I downloaded this one to my Kindle.

Fiction.  Crime. 


  1. This is an author that I have been wanting to read. I think I may start with The Snowman...I can't ignore the hype any longer.

  2. I'm working my way up to The Snowman. I'm reading Nemesis right now!