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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Time Weaver by Hana Abe'

The Time Weaver was a waste of time. Here is the  review from Publisher's Weekly:

Abé's fifth Drákon fantasy romance (after 2009's The Treasure Keeper) introduces Honor Carlisle, whose time-traveling powers help her fit into a dragon society hidden in the midst of 18th-century England. In an original and ambitious spin on time travel stories, Honor is at once the heroine and, from a future time line, the nemesis who drives the plot. The slow revelation of why and how such a sympathetic character could turn against her values adds dramatic tension, and the drákon's well-meant efforts to avert tragedy lead them to horrific expedients, making a welcome change from stock villains. Despite occasional purple prose and an unsatisfying ending precipitated by a third party who forces resolution on the conflicted protagonists, this story delivers a real sense of wonder. (June)
The only thing I wondered is why I finished. I didn't realize it was part of a series when I checked it out for the Once Upon a Time Challenge, but one was plenty.

Fiction.  Fantasy.  2010.  325 pages.


  1. I actually read the first two books in this series and while I didn't love them, I didn't hate them either... I had no idea the series had gotten so large! I think I have book 3 on my TBR pile somewhere, but I guess I better brace myself for it getting bad...

  2. Kailana -- I think this one was different from the others in the series from what I read on various comments. Still, I don't think I'll try anything else by the author.

  3. I did exactly the same thing with the book I reviewed today - kept reading when I should have just given up and set it aside. Oh, well. Onward.

  4. Nancy-- There are always books that are simply not suited to our personalities or the mood we are in. This one didn't fit either. Oh, well, I've had a mixed bag lately.