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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs

Bones of the Lost  -- This is number 16 of the Temperance Brennan novels by Reichs.  A Net Galley ARC, the novel is slated to be released Aug. 27.

Book Description:
Tempe has a young victim of a hit and run on her table; who was she and why was she run down and left to die?  Daughter Katy (who enlisted after her boyfriend's death) is in Afghanistan.  Pete, her ex, is about to remarry and needs the finalization of divorce papers.  Ryan, where the heck is Ryan?  He won't respond to emails.  The nephew one of Pete's friends is accused of killing to innocent victims in Afghanistan, and Temperance must fly there to supervise the exhumation and determine if the villagers were shot in the back.  A Desert Storm hero is accused of smuggling illegal artifacts from Peru--mummified dogs buried with the ancient dead; Temperance needs to determine whether or not all the bones are canine.  I'm not sure if I've covered all the story lines  but any others are peripheral to these and form a strange web of connections.

All of Reichs' novels read quickly, but as is the case with many long running series, the quality from book to book seems to vary.  This one has so many subplots which, although connected, disperse the intensity and interest.


Mystery.  Aug. 27.  Print version:  336 pages.

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  1. I did not realize there were so many books in this series! I haven't read any and sort of wish I had read these instead of watching the tv series, I watched that for a few seasons and then it got old. I'm guessing though that they aren't very similar.