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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

This and That

Merriam-Webster has a contest that features descriptive pictures of words.


Submitted by:
Allegra Weaver 
Los Angeles, CA

 (from the Merriam-Webster site)
What's this all about?

It's partly a photo contest, partly a word challenge.
  •  We're looking for photos and definitions that come together in a thought-provoking, clever, or humorous way.We hope you have fun with it.
     (By the way, you can see some sample entries on the contest home page.)
  After frightening away a (hidden) bird twice 
when watering this large pot,
a second look seemed advisable.

More garden stuff at Bayou Quilts

Still working on drafts to schedule.

Just finished an outstanding novel, 
It is one of those that I have to wait to review;
it will be published in September.
But it was so good, I had to mention it.
Beautifully written.
May be my favorite of the year.

Have just finished:
Frame 232
A Dangerous Fiction
The Lavender Garden
Betrayal in Burgundy

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch
(and still reading The Long Emergency and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
a little at a time; both nonfiction)

Next Up:
Gold Web
The Bellwether Revivals
and at home, 3 ARC s that came in the mail.

But I can feel this reading frenzy slowing down.  
my eccentric figures are calling me
after months of neglect.

These heads have been waiting since November!

I left them aside while I worked on others,
but now, maybe I know where I want these to go.
Not exactly, of course, but sort of an idea or two.


  1. Love the heads - can't wait to see how they'll look when you are finished!

    That pic of the mouse is too cute.

    Definitely looking forward to your review of the book - best of the year? Must hear about it!

  2. Love the heads. And your garden is looking lovely!

  3. Iliana - I've got to finish them...or at least one of them. Finally ready to get to work on these guys.

    Isn't that mouse a great image for a bibliophile, in a curious way, of course.

    Stefanie - Thanks!