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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'm in the Mood for a Little Cabin Decoration

Well, I am back to the clay, 
working on my eccentric figures
 in the same obsessive manner
 that I've been gardening and reading.  

I've been working on two
 of the four neglected heads,
 attaching one to an old escutcheon
 and one to a wooden tool for stitching leather.

  Almost done!

I can spend all day (and do) 
with these little oddities-- 
shaping, drying, carving, sanding, painting, and sealing,
 in my air conditioned studio.  

Much more comfortable than 
weeding, watering, mowing, etc. 
until dripping with sweat
 then resting, and then back to the weeding.  

I spent ten days at the cabin
 and have been home since Sat.
 playing with clay and found objects. 

 Of course, I need to go back to the country
 and continue my weed and read activities,
 but I want to finish a couple of sculpts
 to hang on the cabin walls. 

I ordered this angel from Carla's Etsy Shop,
Indian Dollar Works.  
I've been wanting one of Carla's  pieces for a long time, 
and needing some whimsy for the cabin
 finally pushed me to purchase one instead of just admiring...

And Carla included this little charmer
as a travel companion.
 What a grand bit of lagniappe!

When I finish "Are We There Yet" boy,
and maybe another Eccentric,
I'll be ready to garden again.

I have a stack of ARCs that have arrived
in the mail, a long que of TBR
books from NetGalley, and seven
reviews to do.

Life is good!
(Well, except for the reviews,
which are much less fun.)


  1. Oh love how this little guy is turning out! I agree, it's much nicer to work in a cool studio than outdoors in the heat :)
    The weeding can wait a bit longer!

  2. :) Yep, staying out of the heat is a great excuse for all of our guilty pleasures!