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Monday, November 13, 2006

Book Plates and meme

Shelley's blog had a link to a site with free book plates, and I saved several for illustrations on my blog. Isn't this one by David Roberts cute? The book plates on this site are mostly geared toward children and can be printed out and used in your books if you so choose. But I warn you, you are going to be seeing them here for awhile. :)

I've always found book plates fascinating, but have only rarely actually used them (although I've bought them on several occasions). Shelley's November Booked by Three has a meme concerning book plates:

1. Do you use bookplates?
Not really, but I love looking at them.

2. Do you write your name in your books?
Only rarely.

3. Do you attach stickers with your name and / or other info into your books?


  1. Your answers are a lot like mine, once I get them up. Thanks for playing and for the link back. :)

  2. I only really discovered/noticed book plates a few years ago. It was when I signed up for bookcrossing. I like the idea of them and maybe, one day, just one day, I'll get to putting them in my personal collection...I've always wanted to catalogue my books too.

  3. oh, i'm going to add your book blog on my book blog and use your links to discover other book blogs.

  4. The bookplates are marvellous. Thanks for providing a link to them! Like you I enjoy looking at them but rarely actually paste one into a book. Although a cool bookplate is an added bonus in a second-hand book purchase...

  5. Shelly - Thanks for the link to the book plates!

    Karoda - I'll never catalog my books, but maybe, one day, I'll do the book plates. I've added your book blog to my links.

    Kate - Some book plates are such works of art, aren't they? I love to find them in old books.

  6. when i was a kid, i had a rubber stamp with my initials.. i stamped all my books and cds. boy, was that dumb. when i got tired of my cd's and wanted to get rid of them.. who wants to buy back a cd or book with someone else's initials?

  7. That is so cute. I love book plates, especially the ones that are illustrated, but I never use any.

  8. There are some gorgeous bookplates out there, but I don't ever put anything in my books. My bookselling years taught me what that does to value, so now that's an ingrained part of my personality. I love finding bookplates in used books, though, especially older volumes.

  9. iliana - I like this one, but there are so many cute ones. I might make bookmarks out of them because they would be cheerful and a sort of "movable feast."

    Lisa - I don't use them because I'm really too lazy, not because my books would ever be valuable. :) Cliff Janeway would frown on using them, too.