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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Where Do I Go From Here...

Have finally finished Alias Grace and have reviewed it here in November Reading. I'm much relieved.

What next? Originally, I planned to read another one for the From the Stacks Challenge, but we shall see what I pull out of my library bag...

Also, my long awaited Amazon order arrived! There are more than enough choices, and I know that something lighter is needed at this point.


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  2. Alias Grace sounded quite tragic. It's too bad you didn't enjoy it. I had also heard good things about it, but after your review I probably won't bother with it. As always, I'll be interested in what you're going to read next.

  3. I decided to skip the From the Stacks challenge because I didn't want to select specific titles, but at the same time I'm adhering to the principle. I think it's a wonderful idea.

    I've meant to tell you thanks for visiting my blog. I've added you to my links. Please pardon the delay - I'm not getting around to visiting other blogs as often, since participating in National Novel Writing Month, but I do love your blog!

    If things go as planned, I may be in Bossier City in March to see Beth Moore speak. I just noticed that on my calendar!

  4. Patricia - Thanks for visiting!

    Booklogged - It is always uncomfortable when a book that has such great reviews doesn't appeal. I am always a little disappointed when people don't like the books I enjoy, but that's life.

    Bookfool - The From the Stacks challenge lasts long enough for me to read all on the list, but I don't have to read them consecutively. So...I guess the principle of reading what you have really is all that is important.

    Good luck in your continuing NaNoWriMo quest and let me know when you will be in town!

  5. For what it is worth, despite being disposed to like Alias Grace when I read it, I really didn't like it at all. I just found it dull. The only thing of Atwood's that I really have loved was The Handmaid's Tale.

  6. I think I have liked pretty much everything I have read of Atwoods. She is one of the few authors that I have reread several of her books. Of course different books appeal to different people, and the nice thing is that there are plenty of books out there to choose from!

  7. Jill - I've enjoyed most of Atwood's books, but this one was just not one of them. The last one, The Penelopiad, was quite different from her normal style, but I liked it a great deal.

    Danielle - And that's the way it goes... Sometimes liking or disliking a book has a good deal to do with what is going on in your life - right now, I don't need anything too serious.

  8. I'll have to read your review of Alias Grace. I read it in a bookclub years ago and can't remember a thing about it, so I guess it wasn't one of my favorites!

  9. Jackie - I'm one of the few who wasn't thrilled with the book, but if you can't remember much about it, I guess you are, too. :)

  10. Ooh, an Amazon order? What did you get?

    I haven't read Alias Grace yet but it's on my bookshelf, waiting patiently.

  11. Lesley - The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins, The Woman in Black - Susan Hill, and Parnassus on Wheels - Christopher Morley....FINALLY!