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Sunday, November 26, 2006

China Bayles...once more

Finished another China Bayles. The part that interested me most on this one was the information on the use of herbs for osteoporosis and joint problems. I'm debating on trying some of the recipes...I've never bought tofu, but there is a recipe for Ruby's Better Bones Soup that calls for it. And a great recipe for Doggie Shampoo.

This funny "foxglove" bookplate by Ian Penney seemed appropriate.

Dorothy W. has an interesting poetry meme over at Of Books & Bicycles.


  1. I like the bookplate. I really enjoy the look of pen and ink bookplates like this one.

  2. Dorothy - I did enjoy that post. I'm thinking about doing the meme, but I hate having to think too much!

    Carl - I like the humor in it, too.

  3. I thought I'd read all of Albert's books but this one doesn't look familiar. Is it recently published? The last I read was Chile Death and Indigo Dying is on the list. China Bayles is a fun character.

  4. Framed -It isn't the most recent, I don't think, but one of the newer ones. There are a lot of China Bayles fans - maybe because the novels aren't gruesome and always have something a little educational.

  5. I used to love the China Bayles books, but the series sort of fell by the wayside for me, for some reason. I think the last one I bought was Indigo Dying, but I never read it, maybe because I didn't really get into Bloodroot.

    I think there might be a point where a series just...jumps the shark. Either the author gets tired of writing them, or the reader gets tired of reading them. Or the reader changes habits/likes and dislikes.

    I did see a new book in the bookstore the other day called China Bayles' Book of Days, and it's like an herbalry book of days. Looked cool enough that I put it on my Christmas list....

    (Very nice blog. I came from booklogged's blog.)

  6. Colleen - I really liked Indigo Dying. It had been several years since I'd read a China Bayles, and I really liked the textile information. You are right, and I mentioned in one post that the novels are pretty formulaic. Sometimes it is best to let some time pass in reading certain authors to be able to enjoy them. Reading 2 in a row, makes the repetition a bit too obvious, and Dead Man's Bones was a case in point.