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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Alice and Quilt Books

I like this very much! Especially the section on The Background & History of Alice in Wonderland.

I love quilt books and own more than I should, but can't resist them. The library also provides me with ample opportunities for books on quilting. Quilted Memories is mine, and I've been enjoying it for about 10 days now. Lots of pictures. The other one is overdue at the library, but I love it and will probably renew it (in the vain hope that I'm going to try some of the blocks). I've been through it countless times; some good tips as well as great quilts.


  1. I took some quilting classes and really enjoyed them. Then I went out and bought lots of fabric and books (I love those memory quilts by the way!). But I have not had any time to quilt for a while. I wish there were more hours in the day!

  2. There are a lot of quilters in my family and I admire them for their patience. It's quite an art form, really, isn't it? I'll have to check out your quilting blog and sometime when my eyelids aren't falling, I'll go to that Alice site and read. It looked terrific but I think it's my bath time. LOL

  3. Danielle - I do a lot more looking and reading than actual quilting! :)

    Bookfool - Quilting is a satisfying activity, but I'm not all that skilled. The Alice site is really good, and so many people have been reading the Alice books lately that I wanted to share it.

  4. I don't know anything about quilting but I took a class from Lesley Riley last year on photo transfers. It was so much fun and she was super sweet. We did transfers on cloth,paper, etc. Have you checked out her blog?

  5. iliana- Lucky You! I would love to take one of her classes. I've been familiar with her web site for several years and was glad when she started blogging.