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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great Mail

Today's mail brought wonderful gifts! The Habit of Being (a hefty tome 596 pages), one of the Amazon orders I've been waiting on) and Shadow Cities from Lotus Reads! Thanks, Lotus!

Now, I'm only waiting on two books that I ordered earlier this month. I'm resisting the library and further orders.

I've finished two more books: Candide and Weight: The Myth of Atlas and Heracles. Both are tiny little books. Both are weighty books with a good deal more influence than their small sizes would indicate.

I'd almost finished Candide and took it with me when I went to my father's to spend the night. He's on a new medication, and I'll stay again tonight to make sure there are no difficulties. The doctor said to give him the meds at 9:00 and stay with him for 3 nights, but I have someone else to stay tomorrow night.

Anyway, I finished Candide and almost finished Weight last night. Today, I rushed through the rest of Weight and will be reviewing both of them soon. Both are excellent


  1. A number of my American friends have mentioned Flannery O'Connor recently, and I have to admit to never having read her, so perhaps the letters would be a good way in. Anyway, I love reading other people's letters, so this is good excuse.

  2. You're quite welcome Jenclair and I await your review of "Weight" with bated breath. After reading "The Penelopiad" I have fallen in love with the Canon Gate "Myth" series, so I definitely want to know more about "Weight". Will check back tomorrow!

  3. I read Candide years ago in college. Can't remember much about it at this point! And I've never read anything by Flannery O'Connor. Any recommendations?

    Hope your father is doing ok.

  4. Les - O'Connor is shocking in many ways; her characters and their behavior fall under grotesque. I'd recommend Wise Blood, but it is one of those novels (novella? very short) that is less a pleasure to read than a kind of compulsion; my favorite short story is "Good Country People."

    How to explain the attraction of O'Connor?

  5. This is the second time today that my comments have disappeared!

    Trying again--

    Ann - I love letters because they give such a different view - the side of themselves individuals choose to share with that particular correspondent.

    Lotus - I read about the Canon Gate "Myth" series on your blog. That's when I ordered Weight; when I read The Penelopiad last year, I didn't realize there was a series!

  6. I love good mail days :) Shadow Cities sounds so fascinating. I read Candide when I was in high school so can't remember much but the line on "we must cultivate our own garden" always stuck with me. I should re-read this and see how I feel about it now.