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Sunday, February 18, 2007


McLarty, Ron. Traveler. I really enjoyed this book, but I'm not sure how to categorize it. There is a bit of a mystery and a bit of "you can't go home again," but you are free to reminisce about those days of childhood and adolescence. Jono Riley learns of the death of an old friend, the girl he fell in love with as a child. He returns to Providence, Rhode Island and spends a lot of time thinking about his days there, his parents, his friends and their adventures, his athletic ability. Although the beginning didn't thrill me, and I put it aside as I read a couple of other books, after returning to this novel and accompanying Jono on his return to Providence, I became deeply immersed in Jono's memories and his attempt to solve a mystery from 40 years ago. The character of Jono, a bit off-putting in the beginning, became both fascinating and dear.

Ron McLarty has both a sensitive and a wry touch in handling the characters who move from grade school through high school together. McLarty is an actor, author, and playwright himself, and has the opportunity to poke fun at himself through Jono.

Fiction. 280 pages. 2007.


  1. Oh, I didn't even know that McLarty had a second book out. I remember how Stephen King championed his first one, The Memory Of Running. (which I haven't read yet, but want to)

  2. Bybee - I haven't read The Memory of Running, but then I just picked up Traveler by chance. The first one is about Jono Riley, too.

  3. It's nice to see boys (like on the front of the book) with their slacks and jeans up to their waist with so underwear showing! Do I sound like an old lady? Well, I am.

    Sounds like an interesting book. The mystery aspect draws my attention.