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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What next?

Sherbears' comment about how we decide what our next read will be made me think. I usually have a current project pile that is, on average, 7-20 books. The books in this stack contain books that I want to read in connection to other books (Candide after reading Voltaire's biography or The Weight in connection with myth in general and The Penelopiad in particular, Palace Walk from Lotus' suggestions and the much enjoyed Maximum City); assorted interests like poetry, history, myth; random novels pulled from the library shelves; and specific titles that I've pulled from reviews by other bloggers.

This "current project" stack sits next to my reading chair, and I pull from it first. But what do I pull next and why? That is the puzzler. Sometimes I know exactly what I want next, sometimes I start a few until I find one that really catches my mood...

How do you decide what to read next?


  1. Sometimes I wish I could be more organized in my reading too. Perhaps that way I could whittle down the stacks and lists of TBR books but I know that's just not me. What to read next is always based on what kind of mood I'm in. Do I want something serious, fluffy, etc. I think this is also the reason why I'm not doing well with any of the challenges. Even if the books all sound good it may be that they aren't excatly what I'm in the mood for at that particular time.

  2. I need variety, so after I finish something, I look for something very different from it. So I go from a contemporary novel to an older one, something serious to something light, etc. This means I don't read in an organized manner, but that's okay :)

  3. There are a number of variables in determining what I decide to read next. How much time do I have for "fun" reading as opposed to "work" reading? How much brain power do I have? Do I need something soothing or something new and diverting or something educational and even challenging? The brain processes all of the information and I try one or two that seem to fit the bill. Sometimes I score and sometimes I end up just putting it aside for something else.

  4. utterly disorganised and spontaneous, is my reading. by sheer whim and sometimes, because the subject matter seems fun at that moment in time.

    my life is a mess. ;p

  5. Ahh, so none of the kind of list that requires a 1, 2, 3, format! I couldn't stand to have the order of my reading dictated. I'm like the rest of you--mood and current mental ability guide my choices.

    And as some of you have mentioned, it is nice to have that variety rather than a predetermined diet of all one thing. :)

  6. That's a good question, Jenclair. A clever title or intriguing cover will draw my attention. Then I read the book jacket to see if it pulls me in any further.

    I have my stacks of books on my desk and bed table that call out and sometimes win my attention.

    I pick books based on other blogger's suggestions or from my amazon recomendations list.

    Sometimes being involved in a certain type of challenge dictates the type of book I'll read.

    After all that, I pick up the book that fits the mood. Like right now the mood is MYSTERY! After 2 months of not reading a mystery, that's what I'm going to read next. I don't know which one just yet. I will chose it minutes after finishing the book I'm reading now.

  7. Great question, Jenclair. I'm not usually organized when it comes to picking what I want to read next - I usually allow my mood or topical events to guide me. But oft late, with the challenges, I have had no option but to pick books from predetermined lists. I miss the liberty of picking out random reads, but these challenges have helped ensure I stay on track with my reading.

    BTW, some bad news, I just couldn't get into "The Palace Walk", however, a friend of mine who started the book around the same time I did, is loving it! :)