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Saturday, February 10, 2007

From Comments

Lotus Reads asked about Written in Bones. This book looks at archaeological sites all over the world and from various periods of time and specifically at human remains. From Neanderthal remains to those of Medieval times, from Peru to Egypt, scientists examine the skeletons, mummies, and bog bodies, and their respective burial sites. Each chapter takes a site and relates what has been discovered about the cause of death, sex, size, diet, nutrition, general health, and burial practices. Each example gives a surrounding narrative about the general time period and culture, and then specifics about the remains. Fascinating.

Jill asked about my latest Amazon order. So here are the titles: The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O'Connor, Candide by Voltaire, The Silent Tower by Barbara Hambly, The Shape-Changer's Daughter by Sharon Shinn, and Godmother Night by Rachel Pollack. The last 3 are for Carl's Fantasy/Fairy Tale Challenge in March. It is a mixed bag, eh? I thought I'd ordered The Boleyn Inheritance, but don't find it listed. Well, that will wait.

Fantasy or fantastic art by Robert Gonsalves. Check out the link...there are some wonderful worlds here.


  1. Jenclair, thank you! I found the title "Written in Bones" so fascinating I just had to have more details. I am going to look it up in my library. When I visited the museum last they were having an exhibition on the "Bog People" and I bought a book from the museum store titled "The Mummy Congress" but haven't read it yet.

    Love the titles you've picked for the Fantasy challenge. It's not a genre I read often but I will be glued to the reviews.

    Wow that is some art...going to follow the link now. Thanks, Jenclair, there is always so much to see and learn when I visit your blog.

  2. Lotus - Well, another one of those synchronicitous connections. Written in Bones mentions the book Mummy Congress by Pringle, and I wrote it on a post it note and stuck it on the wall behind the computer!

  3. Ah, so you had a nice big box from Amazon...

    Of your author choices, the only one that I've read a good deal of is Barbara Hambly. I think she's a good fun read in most instances, although I haven't read The Silent Tower.

  4. A mixed box indeed! Sounds like you have some very interesting reads there. I've been meaning to try Barbara Hambly.

  5. Jill - It hasn't arrived yet, but should be here this week!

    iliana - I'll let you know about Hambly, but I've heard good things. It is the first one in a series. :)

  6. That's a very cool picture!

  7. I've heard great things about the Flannery O'Connor letters. I must get myself a copy of that one as well! I did check it out of the library once but the due date arrived before I managed to so much as crack it open. I find with collections of letters I like to dip in and out in leisurely fashion so I really need to buy rather than borrow them.