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Thursday, February 22, 2007

More on "What Next?"

I've enjoyed reading the responses to how you make decisions about what to read next. Most of you are eclectic readers and enjoy a variety of topics and genres, so it isn't surprising that you enjoy switching back and forth, balancing fiction/non-fiction, serious/silly, classics/contemporary and so forth, but reading about the way you approach your next read is fun because each of you is such an individual reader.

Click here to read the comments on "what next?"

a brief summary

iliana, Cheya, Lotus - mood
Dorothy W. - contrast
Jill - time & brainpower
Dark Opheus - whim
Cheya - book cover, title, recommendations
Cheya & Lotus - challenge obligations


  1. I think I'm in the "mood" category. I've been reading light stuff lately after reading some with tragic endings and I just couldn't do another.

    I also have challenge/bookclub obligations.

  2. It is interesting to see how others choose their next book. I have used most of the methods of others at some time, but I really enjoy a "thematic" period- for example I am currently reading Japanese literature. One thing that I have been experiencing more often is starting a book and then deciding that it isn't the right time for that book, and I set it aside. A year later I may go back and really enjoy it.

  3. I am a cross between what Brad calls "thematic" and a mood reader. I go in phases--right now I want French books--by French writers or with French settings, but that said I am reading other books that have been languishing on my nightstand. I also tend to pick up "obligation" reads--lately readers copies, library books and books for reading groups. I need to find some sort of happy medium...

  4. Chris - Yep, I can't do tragedy on a steady basis; must break up the sad with something light.

    Dorothy - I didn't think about all of the things that go into the decision for the next book until I read all of the comments. It is interesting to see the factors that we aren't always aware of when making decisions.

    Brad - Theme, yes. Hasn't been mentioned, but definitely at work.

    Danielle - I read The Collected Stories of Colette several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed them. Since you are on a Collete/French theme, you might enjoy these.

  5. I thought you summed it up quite nicely for me "Whim" - yup, that's about right. ;p

    But maybe there's also how people approach their readings. If it's reading for self-study, you may find a more structured decision making process.

    And of course, to read for mainly pleasure, people may be more spontaneous on what they pick up. (and we can read Classics and serious Non-Fiction for pleasure too)

  6. Orpheus - I am more structured in what I choose to read next in a specific field (like the Myth series), but then those choices get placed in the "current project stack" and the process becomes more random.

    But the purpose of reading does have a big effect--and, yes, both Classics and serious non-fiction can fall into the entertainment category!

  7. Usually, it's my mood.
    But lately, it's whatever book is releasing soonest.. I've gotten so many review copies that I'm having to read those first. I'm not complaining though! I've loved them and love free books!
    Then, I read the books I'm most looking forward to after that.

  8. I like Jill's answer of brainpower too. Sometimes I'm so drained from a work day and that's when mysteries are my go to comfort reads :) Thanks for the summary!