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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quantum Confused

This picture of a new black hole was take by the Hubble telescope.
Credit: L. Ferrarese (Johns Hopkins University) and NASA

The Physics of the Buffyverse is beginning to slip right over my head. Not even Giles and Fred can explain black holes, worm holes, imaginary time, the "Einstein-Rosen bridge," or the uncertainty principle in language simple enough for me. I get a glimpse of what Oullette is driving at, but the effort expended is mucho more than I'm accustomed to. Reading s l o w i n g dowwwnnn. I've achieved Zeno's Paradox!!

So...I'm reading a nice little mystery.


  1. I find the universe fascinating, but my children are terrified by it. I love the idea it can't all be explained, whereas the kids are so uncomfortable knowing there's no end to it, it expands yet contracts, and Andromeda Galaxy is bearing down on us, carrying our certain doom... (!)

    But I just think it's all really pretty neat.

  2. Is that really a picuture of a black hole? It somehow doesn't look as exciting or threatening as I've imagined.

  3. Lisa - Aren't we all a little afraid by the abyss, the infinite, the loss of our own importance? I think it is fascinating, but overwhelming and frightening, too, because it so much more than I can comprehend.

    Stefanie - Yes, but from a great distance. Approaching one would be pretty scary, though!