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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Celebs and Generators

The Kenyon Review posted a link to this article over at Girl Friday's. A cool $4 million advance? Just what are they thinking?

On a lighter note:

Want to generate a review? Try this Plebey Review Generator: HAHA!!! you cant end it there!!!!!! ur da best!!! you should rite a sequal!!! BWAHAHAH!!AHA!!!! --ME!!!!

Or the Plot Twist Generator: The scene changes, and a busty detective arrives and reveals a secret about your protagonist's mother.

You can find generators of all kinds over at Serendipity. Need a French name, a Japanese name, a Medieval name? A character? A magician? A place name? A fantasy place name? A dragon name? A fantasy gown? Manon has a generator for you.


  1. I would venture to suggest that the publisher is thinking primarily of (a) the publicity attracted to the corporation for making the deal -- free advertising (b)the need to make short term numbers and coming in at a distant third (c) the potential market of tennis players and celebrity watchers who they hope will buy the book. I imagine that the book will rapidly be remaindered, but (a) and (b) make up for disappointing (c). Trade publishing no longer makes sense to anyone.

  2. I went to "Plot Twist Generator", tried it and got a good laugh:

    "At this juncture a panhandler arrives and asks if anyone has seen his/her daughter.

    Meanwhile a dwarf arrives and begins locking the doors.

    What you need now is llamas."