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Monday, August 02, 2010

The Black Cat by Martha Grimes

Grimes, Martha.  The Black Cat.

A new Richard Jury mystery.  Reviews are mixed on Amazon, but I enjoyed it.  I like Richard Jury's character and his friends.  I like animals that can communicate with each other and often consider the characters of the animals the most interesting of all.

When a young woman is murdered at a local pub, no one recognizes her, but many thinks she looks familiar.   It turns out that during the week, the young woman has been a quiet, unassuming librarian, but on weekends she often worked as an escort.  The difference in appearance and dress made identification difficult.  Then another escort is murdered, and Jury must discover the motive that links the murders

There are a number of digressions that are unnecessary, however.  And perhaps the animal aspect takes up space that could have been devoted to the mystery, but what the heck....  I enjoyed it.

Fiction.  Mystery.  2010.  323 pages.

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