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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I'm Reading Now

I'm still reading Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens, and still enjoying it.  It is slow reading, though, because I often have to stop and ponder certain philosophical statements and what they mean to me,  or in the section on asanas,  actually get on the mat and experiment. 

I've just finished the section of pranayama.  Finished reading it, that is.  I will go over this several times before moving on.  It isn't that what Stephens says is much different from other books, but that the way he says it makes me want to experiment with his instructional methods.

I'm also reading A Curable Romantic by Joseph Skibell, a recently arrived ARC.  Have just finished the section in which Sammelsohn falls in love with Emma Eckstein, one of Freud's patients.  I've never liked Freudian theories much, mainly because of his views about female hysteria, but a little research into Emma Eckstein and Freud's friend Dr. Fleiss  makes Freud seem more like an egotistical fraud than a scientist. 

I'm just beginning the section where Sammelsohn falls in love with another young woman and becomes involved with Esperanto and its originator L.L. Zamenhoff.  Of course, there is also the dybbuk that I assume will be entering again soon.

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