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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Burning Wire by Jeffery Deaver

The Burning Wire was certainly suspenseful, especially as the weapon of choice is electricity.  Invisible and deadly.

While the first of this series seem better than the last several novels, Lincoln Rhymes and Amelia Sachs are still a potent team.  Deaver has had an agenda in the last several books relating to Rhymes' medical situation, and he advances it once again in this book.

There is a subplot concerning Rhymes' old adversary The Watchmaker.

Maybe I should go back and read the first several novels to see why I haven't found the latest novels in the series up to par.  I think it is largely because now that the relationships between the recurring characters have been established, Deaver doesn't proceed to deepen them or allow growth.  They have become like a few set pieces with reminders (Amelia has arthritis, repeatedly "walks the grid," and likes cars, Pulaski is young and still uncertain, Thom is skilled and trustworthy, Fred Dellray is great at undercover work).

Which doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the novel, just that they seem more formulaic.

Fiction.  Police Procedural/ Crime.  2010.  424 pages.


  1. You're not alone - I didn't think this one was anywhere near as good as the first few in the series. I thought it was because it has to do with electricity - not a subject I'm interested in - but maybe it's because of the lack of growth in the characters, as you mentioned. I still love Rhyme/Sachs, but I hope Deaver pumps some oomph back into the series - and soon.

  2. I have to agree. The first ones were good enough that I keep hoping!