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Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure is the second novel in the Blood Eden series and is due for release April 30, 2013.

As you may remember, I loved the first in this trilogy, The Immortal Rules, reviewed here.

Allie continues her courageous struggle to maintain her humanity in her vampire form.  I mentioned in my review of The Immortal Rules my regrets that Kanin didn't have a larger role.  Kagawa reintroduces him in The Eternity Cure when Allie begins to have nightmares concerning Kanin.  In her dreams, he is suffering greatly, and Allie begins trying to track him down.  She receives two "calls" (a sensing of blood kin), she finds something she didn't expect and must continue following the fainter call to reach Kanin.

It is difficult to review this book without giving spoilers, but Allie discovers that regardless of what she has been through, there may be worse to come.   Love this series.

Fantasy/Dystopian.  April 2013.  print version 448 pages.


  1. I think I've officially burned out on vampire books. Sounds like a fun series, though.

  2. Nancy - :) Vampire and Zombie Overload, huh? Been a few of those around lately. I really got involved with the characters and the plot on this one, though!