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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Night Swarm by Robert V.S. Redick

The Night Swarm an ARC from Net Galley, Random House, Del Rey Spectra.

Maybe I read these four tomes (each one was 500-600 pages) too close together.  Reviews of The Night Swarm have been very positive, but while I still loved all of the characters, this final book in the series was generally unsatisfactory for me.

I was beginning to find some of the adventures less compelling in The River of Shadows and faced the same problem with The Night Swarm.  The concluding episodes seemed to drag, and the finale did not appeal to me.
Perhaps if more time had passed between reading each one, my enthusiasm would not have begun to fail, but unless, Redick decides to add yet another volume, which doesn't seem likely, I was disappointed in the resolution.

Fantasy.  Feb. 2013.  Print version 720 pages.

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