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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dead Anyway by Chris Knopf

Dead Anyway is a riveting tale of a rather ordinary man (an overweight computer nerd and a compulsive researcher and problem-solver) who is transformed after his wife is murdered and he survives being shot in the head.  The changes Arthur Cathcart manifests when he finally emerges from a lengthy coma are a result of both his brain injury and his anger and grief over his wife's death.  Physically and emotionally, he is a different man.

He makes the decision to fake his death to prevent the assassin from making another attempt and to discover the who and why of his wife's murder and his own traumatic brain injury.  His sister is a physician, and the two of them manage to have Arthur Cathcart "die."

With a new name, a dramatically altered appearance, and plenty of money, Alex (formerly Arthur) begins a suspenseful investigation into his wife's murder. He is obsessed with finding the assassin and the person who  ordered the hit and uses his formidable computer skills and his research strengths coupled with an inventive twist of mind and brash persistence to follow the one lead he has--he saw the killer.

While there is a conclusion to one part of the story, it is obvious that there is another book in the making, and I look forward to it.

An intriguing plot with well-drawn characters, Dead Anyway has made it on to my favorites list.

From Net Galley/The Permanent Press.

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
Kirkus, Starred Review
Booklist, Starred Review
Library Journal, Starred Review
Publishers Weekly Top Twelve Mystery/Thrillers of 2012
Kirkus Best Fiction of 2012 

Mystery/Suspense.  2012.  print version 248 pages.  
ISBN-10: 1579622836


  1. Sounds interesting & a little creepy. I recall the author's name while perusing the local library's stacks, but haven't read any yet.

  2. Jan - The cover is creepy, but the book really isn't at all creepy. It is suspenseful, though, as Alex's recovery continues and his subsequent adventures get more and more involved.

  3. That sounds like one to put on my TBR list. Thanks, Jenny.

  4. Teresa - I guess I'm going to be forced to buy some of his books since this was the only one available on Net Galley.