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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Fredericks, James. Brother.

This was a review copy sent by the author and was a thoroughly entertaining and suspenseful mystery. The characters are engaging and the plot is fast-moving with plenty of twists.

Defense attorney Chase Riordan, a former prosecutor, successfully defends his most recent client, but begins to have some questions about all three of his defense cases. Something about these cases gives him pause, but he isn't certain what has thrown up his inner antenna.

In addition to some questions about his court cases, Chase is concerned about his twin brother, a veteran of Afghanistan, who is in a strange Army mental health facility in an almost comatose state. Chase has never been as close to his twin brother as he is to a select group of friends, but begins to find Jared's situation more and more troubling . The two begin communicating in a sort of code and Chase begins to provide aid secretly.

An exciting legal thriller and an excellent beginning for James Fredericks. There were a few niggling problems, but I had no difficulty setting these aside (couldn't put the book down) and look forward to more novels from this author.

Fiction. Mystery/Suspense/Legal Thriller. 2008. 410 pages.


  1. Ok, this one is going on my list...and I promised I wouldn't add anything more to my list...but I'm going to...heh...

  2. Not a writer I've come across, but sounds as if it might be just the thing at the end of a day of studying.

  3. Debby - I have the same problem with my good intentions concerning books!

    Ann - I should have mentioned that this is Fredericks' first novel! Not bad for the first time out. I'm still inspired by your recent endeavors and hope to learn some good stuff as you share your progress.

  4. Hi again, Jenny =-) I ordered Brother and Amazon tells me it's on its way =-) =-) I blame you...haha!

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Jen. I'd be happy to hear more feedback-from you or others. Thanks!

    James Fredericks