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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Clark, Carol Higgins. Laced.

I finished the four books I brought with me, and was thus reduced to reading this one that Erin picked up at the pharmacy.

6 words: Not even Irish setting saves this.

One more word: simplistic.

Took about 3 hours of mindless reading. woe is me

Fiction. Mystery. 2008. 352 pages.


  1. It's been awhile since I last read one of Carol Higgins Clark's books. I think I've read the first two or three in the series. They are simplistic and more what I would call brain candy then anything else. They served their purpose at the time I read them, which is the most I could ask.

  2. I've never read her books but I remember I went through a big phase of Mary Higgins Clark books long ago. Don't they also write one series together?

  3. LF - :) There is a time for everything!

    iliana - Yes, I think she and her mother write holiday mysteries together. I remember enjoying Mary Higgins Clark several years ago when someone passed a couple of books on to me.