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Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm reading Brother by James Frederick. Started it last night and stayed up way too late because I couldn't put it down. Have a couple of others started, but Brother will require finishing before I can get back to them. A legal thriller with lots of tension and suspense!

Not that I don't have enough in my current TBR stack, but here are the most recent additions to my list of books that sound good:

The Annie Seymore series by Karen E. Olsen
The Ursula Marlow series by Claire Langley-Hawthorne
The Figure in the Shadows by John Bellairs (YA)
To Catch the Lightening by Alan Cheuse
The House on Tradd Street by Karen White
Drood by Dan Simmons

Simon & Schuster have a weekly podcast.

Stefanie of So Many Books wrote about library elf, but my library isn't listed. Maybe I should let them know about it.


  1. AH! You have a copy of "Drood" already? I'm still waiting for my Advanced Copy of "Drood" to be shipped over to Dubai! Envious!

  2. Orpheus - No, I just want one!
    The books on the list are books I've seen reviews of and want to read.

    I have a stack I'm working my way through, but I keep adding to my list of "want to reads" - Now, I'm envious that you have a copy on the way!

  3. I've got an ARC of Drood waiting to be read right now. It's literally a doorstopper of a book, but it looks really, really good!

  4. Since I liked The Terror so much I am really looking forward to Drood as it seems quite a few people are! If your library isn't on the Elf list, do email them. They even suggest it somewhere in their FAQs

  5. Katherine -I really like the sound of Drood; I love fiction about real literary people. Doorstopper or not. :)

    stefanie - I added The Terror by Simmons to my list, too, after reading your review. I do think I'll email the library about the Elf list, thanks!

  6. Uh-oh. Looks like I'm going to be adding to the wish list. I love legal thrillers.

    I looked at library elf and there are only 3 libraries in the entire state of Mississippi listed. I think they've got a ways to go.

  7. I have tagged you to play the Bookworm Award challenge. Stop by my blog to see what you must do.

  8. Jenclair, I'm going to be strong and only add Brother to my list. The others I'll decide about AFTER you review them, although I wanted to add them because the titles sound good.

  9. bookfool - That is the problem with cruising the book blogs! My list just keeps getting longer - I've also added An Abundance of Katherine's because of your review!

    Janet - OK - I'll be there!

    booklogged - I need to review Brother, but the other books are on my "I want a copy list" :)