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Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night I was working on some cuffs, then switched to reading. I didn't have any bookmarks handy, so stuck the cuffs in to mark my place. :) They actually work quite well--love the way the one with the Dorset button looks, almost like a halo on the woman's head. [click to enlarge]
I've finished Georgette Heyer's Regency Buck and need to review it; currently reading the above. As much as I love science fiction, why have I never read Dune before?


  1. That looks great as a bookmark! I've never read Dune, either. My son has read quite a bit of the series and enjoyed it -- the eldest one. I can't get the youngest interested.

  2. What a lovely picture. You should make bookmarks out of your scraps!

  3. bookfool - Thanks! I may make some specifically for that purpose.

    Is the son who liked Dune the David Weber fan? He can be my mentor.

    Ali - Thanks! I may do just that -- I like working small when watching television, so bookmarks would be a good project.

  4. Those are perfect! Just think of all the endless possibilities with different colors and buttons :)