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Friday, March 05, 2010

Books and Cats

Some ARC's that I've received from publishers:

I have a final February review to catch up on, and nothing really, so far for March.
Edgar and Lucy are curious...about just about everything.
But when they knock over a stack of books, nobody's around, and nobody knows how it happened.  Stinker has her innocent look down pat.  Who me?


  1. What gorgeous cats! and I like the idea of "Alchemy Arts"

    thanks for sharing


  2. I hope you enjoy your books, Jenclair! I hope to get to The Things They Carried this year. I've had my copy for what seems like forever, so it must be about time. LOL

    Ah, curious cats! Yours are so beautiful. I'm sure it was just the wind that knocked the books down. A passing breeze that slipped in when someone came into the house from outside. :-)

  3. Hi!
    I have an award for you at my place. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. Aw - Edgar and Lucy are lovely!

  5. hannah - The Triad are wonderful cats...a bit of mischief, a lot of love! And when they settle, they make nice reading companions. :)

    kailana - Thanks! They love compliments!

    請客 - Those 3 cats keep us smiling...most of the time!

    LF - I read Going After Cacciato by O'Brian years ago, and I'm looking forward to this one.

    As for The Triad, they are good at pretending to be innocent, but not so good at covering their tracks! When they get rambunctious, they sound like a heard of elephants.

    Sherrie - Thanks for the award! I'll get over for a visit today!

    jenny - The cats spend a lot of time grooming each other, waiting for their close-ups! :#)

    nymeth - Thanks, from Edgar, Lucy, and Stinker!

  6. Your cats are gorgeous! As far as your TBR stack I can't recommend Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried enough! It is an incredible book. I read it in high school 20 years ago and it has stayed with me.

  7. Jay - I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for the enthusiastic recommendation. I read Going After Cacciato by O'Brien years ago and enjoyed it.

  8. Beautiful cat pics, Jenclair! Our new girl is joyfully knocking things over without even bothering to try to look innocent, at this point. Silly kitty.

    I'm sweating over my review of The Things They Carried. It is such a powerful read that I feel at a loss to describe it adequately.

  9. Nancy - So glad to know that your newest edition is making herself at home!

    I still haven't begun The Things They Carried, but your comment is another encouragement.