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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Gods Die by C.S. Harris

Harris, C.S. When Gods Die.

A Sebastian St. Cyr mystery, the 2nd in this Regency series.  Now, I've read the first three, but there are two more in this series that I have not gotten to yet.  I like the period and Harris does a good job of keeping me interested in both the mystery and the period details.

The Prince Regent is discovered with the body of a beautiful young woman, and Sebastian is pulled in to help find the murderer, for more personal reasons than to aid the Prince Regent.  Sebastian seeks the aid of his old friend and physician to determine the actual cause of death as the staging of the murder is misleading.

There is also the personal connection concerning the necklace the victim was wearing; it belonged to his mother.  Sebastian uncovers several intertwining tales of intrigue as he searches for the murderer.

While there are some flaws that bother me, I enjoy this historical mystery series.

Fiction.  Historical Mystery.  2006.  338 pages.


  1. This series is on my "to be read someday" list. I'm glad to hear more about it. Those Prince Regents, always in trouble. :-)

  2. Kay - My favorite Regency period mysteries are those by Kate Ross, featuring Julian Kestrel. They are almost perfect! Unfortunately, Ross succumbed to cancer after writing only 4 novels in the series.

  3. Thank you for your review, Jenclair. As you know, I love mystery series and have enjoyed discovering historical mysteries in recent years.

  4. LF - I enjoy this series, but loved Kate Ross's Regency mysteries. Funny how much you can learn; I always end up doing a bit of research when I read historical novels.

  5. I have the first one of these books to read, but as always it's a matter of getting to it. And I also love Julian Kestrel--it's a pity the author died having only written four!!

  6. Danielle - I spent about a year looking for the next one in Kate Ross's Julian Kestrel before discovering that she had died. I love that series and wanted it to go on for ever.