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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Hard Way

Child, Lee.  The Hard Way.

Another Jack Reacher action thriller.  I'm reading my way through our library's available copies of this suspenseful action series.  This my 4th and I've also finished another that I need to review.  There are 12 total Jack Reacher novels (so far), which makes me happy, but the library doesn't have them all so I may have to resort to inter-library loan.  I discovered Lee Child by happy accident a couple of months ago while browsing through the  stacks and was well and truly hooked on them.

Observant as always, Jack Reacher, sitting in a coffee shop in New York, casually watches a man approach and get into a car.  He is later singled out as the only person who may have seen the man who has kidnapped a mother and her young daughter and is recruited by the wealthy husband to aid in finding the kidnapper.   Hopefully, before it is too late.

Several things about the kidnapping bother Reacher, but he agrees to help, on his own terms.  As events become muddier and it appears that it is too late for the mother and child, Reacher becomes even more intensely involved in an attempt to bring the guilty parties to justice.  Not necessarily in legal terms.

Fast-moving and suspenseful, The Hard Way is a great read if you like this genre. :) I do.

Fiction.  Action/Thriller.  2006.  371 pages.


  1. That sounds really good. I've been a little nervous about trying Lee Child because I thought his books might be too violent (just from the descriptions of friends -- he was an "author of the month" for our group, one year) and I think I even gave away the book I ordered to read with my group. Might have to give him a try.

  2. bookfool - The books are full of action and some are more violent than others, but I enjoy them. Jack Reacher is something like Jason Bourne in the Ludlum novels, much to skillful to be true.

  3. Jenclair,

    Thanks. I love action, so I may just have to give him a try. I have still not read the Bourne novels, although I keep telling myself I need to get to them. My youngest son has read most of them and said they were fun. I don't mind letting go of belief if the writing is good.

  4. bookfool - Oh, yes, you must let go of belief!

  5. I'm finally going to get around to reading Sanford so maybe I should up Child on my list to read too! They are two authors I keep meaning to try but just can't seem to get around to. I am glad you enjoyed this one, Jenclair.

  6. LF - I have a bunch of authors that I'm always intending to read some day. I always wonder what really goes on in choosing books...

    Sometimes it seems as if my hand reaches for a book of its own volition. :0