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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Torch of Freedom

Weber, David, & Eric Flint.  Torch of Freedom.

Still part of the Honorverse, but Honor Harrington makes only a token appearance.  This novel focuses on the planet Torch and the prospective invasion by Mesa.

Can't begin to explain as there are so many characters (many of them new) and the background has been put in place in previous works. 

I am a great fan of David Weber and have read about 14 of his books (mostly in the Honor Harrington series,and they are all LONG).  I've never had trouble before entering a new installment, yet this time, it took a little while for me to remember events and details from previous novels, and then proceed with the current plot. 

I thought this novel was unusually slow at times, but when the action begins, Weber is a master at involving the reader with character and plot. 

Haven't read anything by Eric Flint before, but will be looking for him on my library trip.

I'm excited that the next in the Safehold series is coming out in April!

Fiction.  Science Fiction/Space Opera.  2009.  602 pages.


  1. I've never heard of either of these authors. Of course, I haven't read a lot of science fiction either. Maybe when I decide to test those waters more, I'll start with one by Weber.

  2. Framed - I've reviewed a lot of Weber since starting to blog. He hooked me on the first book!

  3. Every time I see you mention Weber I think I should read him, but then I never do... Must remedy that soon!

  4. Kailana - I'm certainly a fan of Weber's and recommend you begin at the beginning of the Honor Harrington series, On Basilisk Station, if you get around to reading Weber!