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Friday, March 19, 2010

Roadside Crosses

Deaver, Jeffrey.  Roadside Crosses.

When Kathyrn Dance made an appearance in  Cold Moon (featuring Lincoln Rhymes), I liked her character, but didn't catch the first novel featuring her.  This is the second Katherine Dance novel; I missed the first one completely and must go back and pick it up.

I still like Kathryn Dance (a specialist in kinesics and CBI agent), but she didn't achieve the potential I thought she had in Cold Moon.  However, since I missed her first stand-alone novel Sleeping Dolls, maybe I'm too judgmental. 

The novel puts a lot of time into techie stuff and blogging.  The influential quality of blogging is an interesting phenomenon to investigate, and so certainly, there is some thought-provoking material here, but Kathryn doesn't come off the page too often.  Cyberbullying is a current social problem, and the novel explores the possibilities, but the twisty plot hints at the conclusion, even as it continues to throw in red herrings.

The character of Jon Boling has possibilities.

Overall? Maybe 3/5.

Fiction.  Mystery/Crime.  2009.  397 pages.


  1. I still haven't managed to read anything by Deaver. I'm sorry this one didn't quite live up to expectation. It does sound like an interesting premise.

  2. LF - I have a like/dislike relationship with Deaver. I read his novels avidly, but find them uneven in believability.

    Sometimes it seems as if he is just trying to include every conceivable possibility.