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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Mind Is Elsewhere...

I need to catch up on reading and reviews, but have been slowed down by a need to work on other projects over at Bayou Quilts.  I have to lock the cats out of my studio space because they have a tendency to play with things they shouldn't--yarn, lace, thread, felt, beads, etc.
When I head up the stairs, the Triad tries to get to the upstairs door before I do.  Then I have to carefully disentangle the three of them in order get in without one sneaking through.  Edgar gave up and probably went to wait in my reading chair.


  1. That's so funny! Where did you adopt your cats, Jenclair? Were they shelter cats? They're all such pretty animals. I sort of have my heart set on a black-and-white as our second kitty.

  2. Nan - Now that Stinker has learned to jump up and open the door, they are less delightful! :)

    bookfool - Their mother was run over near my husband's office. They started off very tiny back in October (and all the same size), but now they are definitely hierarchical in nature and size. Edgar is huge, Lucy is smaller, and Stinker is quite petite.

    Your Fiona is a beauty, btw, and I'm sure you'll find the perfect second kitty!

  3. Anya likes to help me re-organize my desk now and then. And not in a way I find helpful. LOL You got to love them though. :-)