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Monday, August 09, 2010

61 Hours by Lee Child

Child, Lee.  61 Hours.

This Reacher novel is set in North Dakota during an unusually fierce winter blizzard.

I enjoyed the novel, as I almost always enjoy them, but didn't care for the countdown aspect.  The conclusion didn't work especially well for me either.  Really, it would probably be better if I gave Reacher a rest for a while.  (Did I say that in my last review of a Reacher novel?)

The novels are addictive, and some are very good, some are less so.  My favorite Reacher novels are those that involve some of his old team, and this one provided a bit of a twist as he converses via telephone with the new head of his old elite unit.   Reacher was the first CO of the unit, and Susan Turner is the current head--he needs her help, and the two develop some chemistry in their phone conversations.

There was a little (a lot?) less action, but that didn't particularly bother me.  The conclusion, however, with the stepped-up action seemed over the top; the cliff-hanger didn't appeal at all.

What can I say?  I will  register certain criticisms and still eagerly await the next novel featuring Jack Reacher.

Fiction.  Action, Suspense.  2010.  Kindle.  Print version - 400 pages.


  1. Do you think one can pick up the series in the middle, or will it be better to read it from the start?

  2. I began in the middle and have gone back and forth with them, in no order. The last one is his most recent and was a Kindle version, but the others have been what the library had available when I visit.

    Lee Child has written 14-15 Reacher novels, and I've read 9 so far. They are a bit uneven in quality, but I've never wanted to put one down!