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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad Blood by Linda Fairstein

 Bad Blood is the ninth in the Alexandra Cooper series by Linda Fairstein, former chief of the Sex Crimes Unit in the  Manhattan D. A.'s Office.  She knows whereof she speaks. 

Amanda Quillian was found murdered and her husband is on trial for hiring a hitman to commit the murder.  Brendan Quillan is being defended by Lem Howell, the suave, charming, highly intelligent former mentor of Alexandra.  Alex knows this trial will be a challenge because she knows just how good Lem Howell is, and she knows her own case is weak.

The case, however, moves out of the courtroom and into mysteries from both the past and present.

The information about the sandhogs, New York's maze of underground tunnels, and the weaknesses of the water system was all new to me and quite fascinating. 

As usual, I enjoyed visiting Alex, Mike, and Mercer.

Fiction.  Mystery/Legal thriller.  2007.  480 pages.


  1. I've read a couple of books in this series. Need to read more because I do like the way that the author brings pieces of New York (unknown New York) to us as readers. Plus I like the characters. Another series that I need to just get over the fact that I probably won't catch up with all the books and just dive into the latest. :-)

  2. I love a good mystery! I have not read any of the books in this series, do you need to start with the first one?

  3. Kay - Some are better than others, but I pretty much enjoy all of them!

    Lisa - I haven't read them in order, but I did begin reading them early on in the series so the characters are all familiar. It might be a good idea to begin with the earlier books and get a sense of the background. Fairstein does include information about what has happened to some of the characters in the past, though.