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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

More books in the mail and back to the library--lots to choose from.      :)

Impossible to catch up on reviews because I'd much rather read and play with my little Eccentrics.

Finished Theo and working on a couple more of my Eccentrics.  Theo is a Steampunk Victorian Adventurer.  She must have traveled by boat on her last journey and is waiting for her steamer trunk to be unloaded.  I've recorded her progress for the last 2 weeks or so on Bayou Quilts & Dolls.

Must get to the post office to mail a birthday gift and to the grocery store, but with temperatures predicted to reach 100 degrees today, I will be back to indoor activities this afternoon.  I just looked at Weather at a Glance, and it is already 92.5 with a heat index of 103!  Not good.


  1. This is soo amazing. Really nice.

  2. Nulaanne - Thanks! I especially enjoyed making her accessories.

    Caroline - Thanks, Caroline! I've made two other steampunk eccentrics, but this is the first girl steampunk.

  3. I love Theo! Do you ever sell your creations, like on Etsy? As to the heat . . . miserable. I heard it's supposed to drop a little but it's really hard to think of anything else when it's so baking hot. I've already taken to having a mid-day siesta. It seems to be very good for my reading, but I don't want to sit at the computer to write -- too hot by the window!

  4. Nancy - I keep saying I'll try ETSY one of these days, but it looks like a lot of effort.

    It is too hot to do much other than read, isn't it?

  5. I've said that same thing. I have creations I could sell, but I just don't want to bother. Someday, I think I will have to buy one of your Eccentrics. They are so cute!

    Yes, it's so stinking hot. It has cooled off enough that I finally talked myself into running a million errands I've put off and I think I'm already shot for the day.

  6. Nancy - :) I have fun making the little people.

    We enjoyed our little side trip to your great state. I love Natchez! It wasn't as hot or humid as I expected thanks to a nice little breeze. Baton Rouge was miserably hot and humid, and so is home now that we are back. Too early for this!