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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child

The Killing Floor (Jack Reacher #1).  I've been catching up on this series. 

Jack Reacher, former military policeman, has been traveling by bus and on seeing a sign for Margrave, GA, he remembers that his brother had mentioned that Blind Blake, a famed blues guitarist, had died there.  On an impulse, Reacher has the driver drop him off, and he walks into town to see if he can find out anything about Blind Blake.

As he is eating his breakfast, the police storm in and arrest him.  He is suspected of a double murder that occurred the night before.  After establishing that he had nothing to do with the murders, he becomes involved with the case for a very personal reason. 

 Fast paced with some violent episodes, the Killing Floor is the first Reacher novel, and I'm glad I downloaded it to my Kindle.

 Die Trying is the second in the Reacher series.  Another Kindle read.

Reacher's helpful gesture outside a dry cleaner's results in his being kidnapped along with the woman he was helping.  Another example of freak chance, the incident leads to Reacher and FBI Agent Holly Johnson being driven to Montana, where they are kept captive by a militia group with a psychotic leader.

The leader of the group has a terrible plan for destruction, and he hopes to use Holly Johnson to set in motion.

The Enemy (Jack Reacher #8) takes a look back to Reacher's days as a military policeman.  

Reacher is suddenly and unexpectedly transferred from Panama to  Fort Bird in North Carolina.  In investigating the death of a two-star general, he discovers that some of the best MPs have also been re-posted at the same time to other locations.

He soon realizes that the general's death (and in another state, his wife's murder) and the agenda missing from his brief case is part of something much larger.  He needs to discover who is involved in moving around the MPs as a counter move to the "something bigger."  Who is the enemy?

This is one of the best Reacher novels and reveals some background that has not been available in prior novels.  

Only two more to go, and I'll be completely caught up with the series. The newest isn't even available yet.

  1. The Killing Floor*
  2. Die Trying*
  3. Tripwire
  4. Running Blind   *
  5. Echo Burning   *
  6. Without Fail   *
  7. Persuader   *
  8. The Enemy*
  9. One Shot   *
  10. The Hard Way   *
  11. Bad Luck and Trouble   *
  12. Nothing to Lose   *
  13.  Gone Tomorrow *
  14.  61 Hours *
  15. Worth Dying For *
  16. The Affair (to be published in September)


  1. So did you hear that Tom Cruise is in talks right now determining if he will play Reacher in a film adaptation of One Shot (think that's the book)? My husband, a big Reacher fan, is horrified. Says Cruise cannot possibly play this character. What do you think? LOL

  2. I'd hate it! I'm not sure I'd want to see the movie at all, but I can guarantee I wouldn't see it if Tom Cruise were to play Reacher.

  3. That's great that you posted the sequence. I got the first one as I like reading series chronologically but from what you write I deduce that, as so very often, the first one isn't necessarily the best.
    From all the blurbs I read I didn't picture Reacher to look like Tom Cruise!

  4. I really enjoy this action-packed series. Hope you enjoy your first one!

    Reacher is well over 6 feet tall and always described as a huge, powerful man. Cruise definitely would not be an asset--for several reasons.