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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Devil's Star by Jo Nesbo

I recently read The Red Breast by Jo Nesbo (reviewed here), and although I had some problems with it, I liked it enough to know that I'd be reading more by this author.  The Devil's Star provided a better look at Harry Hole as he pursues a serial killer through Oslo.

There are two plots lines that intersect:  the serial killer narrative requires Harry to work with Tom Waaler, the cop Harry believes to be, not only dirty, but responsible for the murder of Harry's previous partner.

 Harry has spent quite some time trying to get evidence to prove his theories (Nemesis), and in the process, he has screwed up his relationship with Rakel and begun drinking again-- and he is in danger of losing his job.  Even the boss that has protected him from his unorthodox and problematic behavior in the past is about to give up on him.

There are plenty of red herrings in the plot, and Nesbo has no problem keeping the reader's attention.  I read these first two books in order of their English publication dates, but then discovered that Nemesis (which should have been the second) wasn't translated until after The Devil's Star

The actual order of the books in Norwegian:  1) The Red Breast, 2) Nemesis, 3) The Devil's Star, 4) The Redeemer, 5) The Snow Man, 6) The Leopard, 7) a new one is to be published this month .  The first two in this series have not been translated.

I guess I'll go for The Redeemer next and just skip Nemesis.

Like many of you, I enjoy Scandinavian crime fiction and am happy to add to my list of authors.

Fiction.  Crime/mystery.  2009 (Eng. trans.).  474 pages.


  1. I haven't read anything by this author but The Snowman is on my tbr list.

  2. I like the ones I've read, they are a little gritty, but not terribly graphic. Descriptions of the victims are relatively brief. I'm eager to work up to The Snow Man.

  3. How annoying to find out they were published out of order!

  4. Nancy -- :) It is one of the few times I've made a real effort to read an already established series in order, and I'm foiled! I don't really think it makes much difference, however, as the book would have stood on its own.