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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Reading and Eccentricity

Cycles come and go, as all of you know and many of you have posted about.  Usually I complain when I'm in a dry cycle and can't find anything that really calls to me, but I'm in a reading cycle right now, sometimes a book a day.  All pure escapism and lots of mystery/crime, particularly Scandinavian crime novels.  I'll never catch up on reviews.  I have ten books that I haven't reviewed and am almost finish with another.  

And I have a huge TBR pile.  These are just the ARCs that have arrived that I haven't posted about. 

I'm actually hoping this reading mania will end soon.  I don't want a dry spell, but just something more normal than what is happening now. 

The unreasonable heat and humidity and  a lack of energy for anything else figure into this cycle.  I'll read a little during the day, then for five or six hours at night.  

I have finished another Eccentricity.  He doesn't have a name yet, I just call him Red.  Suggestions?

We will be going to visit our daughter this weekend for her birthday.  Hoping that will lift my energy and enthusiasm level and break this incessant reading cycle.


  1. You Have been on a reading roll and I've been reading your posts from Google Reader as I am very much in a crime mode at the moment, too. Unfortunately I'm only managing about one a week, but oh well! :) I need to get back to Jo Nesbo as I really liked the Redbreast--he's become quite popular here. At the moment I'm reading Liza Marklund--another Swedish author.

  2. Oooh, Algonquin must really love you!

    I know what you mean. I'm in reading mode - not reading as fast as you are, but enough to throw me behind on the reviews. I may end up doing some very, very short ones to catch up.

    Love Red. If you don't like his name, you could name him after the rainbow colors of his arms or his bluebird.

  3. Simply Red.

    I was excited to see that Lee Smith has a new book out.

  4. Danielle - I found a copy of Nesbo's Nemesis at the library so I'm going to go ahead and read it before moving on in the series!

    I haven't read Liza Marklund so I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think about her.

    Bookfool - I'm going to be doing some short reviews, too, and maybe grouping some together.

    While in Natchez this weekend, I found some sewing machine drawers and will use one for Red. Ooh, and I found a bunch more junk that is giving me ideas!

    Bybee - I like Simply Red, that may be the one.

    I haven't read Lee Smith before, and I don't usually choose short stories, but will enjoy trying them out!

  5. What are ARCs? It looks like a fascinating selection. I'm becoming quite addicted to your reviews. Love the red guy, but love the little bird even more of course...!

  6. Anne - ARCs are advanced reading copies from publishers, authors, or publicists. :) I'm not surprised you picked up on the bird!