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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zor by J.B. (Ray Clements)

Zor is a strange little book, a parable about finding enlightenment.

"The avatar, Zor, knows the quest for enlightenment must begin with the unification of Philosophy, Spirituality, and Science. To that end, he guides Jonathan Brewster on his path to self awareness; deftly balancing quantum physics, religion, Zen, reductionism, multi-dimensional reality, Einstein, chi, the power of thought, post death experiences, Newton, Pavlov, the Big Bang theory, relativity, pantheism, space/time travel, peace, love, and understanding."  --from  this page; the page also contains some great links on some of the above subjects.     

This little book, a relatively short read, covers so many things that I've come across in books on yoga, spirituality, and neuroscience.  Although the subject matter is deep, J.B. keeps us from getting lost by using lots of illustrative examples and the enforced parable technique.  

The story of Jonathan Brewster and his chance (?) meeting with the Haitian dwarf Zor provides a way to think about the way interconnections of philosophy, spirituality, and science are perceived.

I enjoyed the book very much, partly because so many of the names and philosophies were familiar from other reading, including the "brain books" -- the books I've read about neuroscience.  However, I also liked it because the book takes it so much further, linking everything together, much like the neurons in our brains..

Fiction.  Philosophy/Spirituality/Science.  2010.  268 pages.


  1. This is going on the wish list right away. It sounds fascinating and thougt provoking.

  2. I enjoyed it. And it reminded me that I want to read Dan Gilbert who is mentioned once in Zor, but whose name has come up occasionally in other reading.