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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wicked Witch Murder by Leslie Meier

Wicked Witch Murder is part of a cozy series by Leslie Meier.  I haven't read any of her other books.

Lucy Stone is a reporter for the weekly newspaper in Tinker's Cove, Maine.  She meets weekly with several friends for breakfast, and on one of these meetings, the ladies have decided to visit the new Wiccan shop and have their fortunes told.

Lucy is openly skeptical, but several of the predictions come true, and she must admit to some curiosity about the coincidences.

When a burned body is discovered in the woods, everyone is edgy and being Wiccan in a small town might be a bit dangerous for Diana Ravencroft, the shop owner.

A light read.

Fiction.  Mystery.  2010. 304 pages.


  1. This is a series that I read religiously for a very long time and then kind of lost interest. It's been fun watching the kids grow up and I still will pick up a book off and on, but it's not a "must buy" for my anymore. Isn't it strange how that happens?

  2. You had me at cozy, Maine, Wiccan. I might want to start the beginning of the series though

  3. Kay - I know. Sometimes I tire of a series or a particular author I've enjoyed in the past. I'll pick them up at the library only if I don't find anything that really catches my interest.

    I enjoyed this one, but feel no hurry to read the others in the series.

    bookmagic - :) Maine and Wiccan piqued my interest, too!