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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell

Evidently the last of the Kurt Wallender series, A Troubled Man kept me involved from beginning to end.  I hate to see this series end, but perhaps Mankell will give Kurt's daughter Linda a chance to exhibit her abilities on the police force.

Aside from the mystery involving the disappearance of Linda's partner's father, the novel is a reflection on aging.  It is always on Kurt Wallender's mind.  In fact, there may be too much of it. 

Although I enjoyed the novel, there were several things that bothered me about it.  Aside from Wallender's thoughts of aging and death, the anti-American sentiments grated a little.  While the book was definitely much better than The Man from Beijing (a stand-alone, not a Kurt Wallender mystery), some of the same attitudes bothered me.  The conclusion of the crime/mystery portion of the novel seemed incomplete as well.

Nevertheless, I like Kurt Wallender and am sad to have the series concluded.

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 Fiction.  Crime/Mystery.  2011.  384 pages.

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